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Originally Posted by Cherish View Post
Brussell sprouts sauteed in a little olive or walnut oil, sprinkled with pepper, garlic, and sea salt.
My fav!!!!!!!! BS are the only ones I like.

I hate veggies. I only eat them cause I know they are good for you!! They dont fill me up or curb hunger like lots of ppl say. I eat so many veggies on my current plan, its like 3-4 cups of spinach and 2 cups of broc.

I steam my broc and put hot sauce and sea salt on it, its OK but... bleh.

Spinach I have in my omelette and then if I have it on the side of my meal I'll use the low cal spray balsamic dressing by WIshbone lol. 10 cals for 10 sprays.. holla. lol
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I love my veggies but like you Staci my gut hates alot of them especially beans,corn and brussel sprouts

My staples are broccoli,leeks(steamed),courgette(stirfried),red onion,baby spinach,flat mushrooms,yellow and orange bell peppers and carrots.

Hmmm now I'm hungry again haha
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Originally Posted by dvsness View Post
I like to grill all kinds of veggies. In the winter, I broil them in the toaster oven instead. Favorites are zucchini and sweet mini peppers. Spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and eggplant round out my top choices.
Ive been eating eggplant for the last few days. I love it. Olive oil, salt, and grill. I crave it every night.

Why wasnt I eating these before?
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I have been eating asparagus every night since November..we had a rocky start but now I actually want a larger portion of it!I just saute it in a pan with I can't believe,cooking spray and garlic salt!Spinach I just eat right out of the bag with red vinegar!I guess I am boring lol!!
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Im so sick of asparagus. Probably wont eat it until next prep.
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